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News Archive

Disaster management to be key component of Global Development agenda post-2015
20 February 2013

UNDP and Ministry of Agriculture launch Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (SPO) Initiative
20 December 2012

UNDP and DHL introduce disaster prevention at airports in Indonesia
29 November 2012

Greater access to HIV-sensitive social protection in Indonesia
22 November 2012

Helen Clark: “Our World in 2050: More Equitable and Sustainable – or Less?”
8 November 2012

Al Jazeera English reports our support to farmers in NTT
7 November 2012

Rising Urban Poverty and Inequality Hindering Asian Cities Ability to Tackle Climate Change
29 October 2012

Indonesian women’s rights activist honored for her work against violence
9 October 2012

Hand-Over of Indonesia Partnership Fund for HIV and AIDS IPF Funds Management
19 July 2012

21 June 2012

21 June 2012

Building a stronger Aceh and Nias, Strengthening the region through capacity development
19 April 2012

Cartoonists from Asia-Pacific win awards on Earth Day from the UN and Government of France
18 April 2012

12 December 2011

18 October 2011

UN Development Chief Highlights Indonesia’s global role in tackling climate change and development challenges
29 April 2011

Indonesian President Yudhoyono, UN development chief meet on forests
28 April 2011

Helen Clark visits REDD+ pilot initiative in Indonesia
28 April 2011

Two grassroots initiatives from Indonesia recognized by United Nations for efforts to reduce poverty by conserving biodiversity
24 March 2011

UN Youth Champion in Indonesia Highlights Role of Youth Volunteering
24 February 2011

UNICEF, UNFPA, and UNDP Indonesia action plans launched
14 February 2011

Iker Casillas appointed new UNDP Goodwill Ambassador
25 January 2011

Update on Aceh in new report: Impressive physical rebuilding since the tsunami, but human development picture is mixed
22 December 2010

Asian countries lead development progress, new report shows: Indonesia ranks among “Top 10 Movers” in health, education and income
10 December 2010

Parallel Schools: Bringing education closer to rural communities in Papua
8 December 2010

Spirit of Volunteerism Celebrated in Indonesia
6 December 2010

UNDP-ART Gold Indonesia (AGI) Pledges to Support Local Development Planning: Bappenas and Bappeda NTT signed a Letter of Agreement on the implementation of “Support to Local Development Planning and Aid Coordination in NTT”
22 November 2010

DPD Members signed MoU with Local Governments to Achieve Millenium Development Goals
17 November 2010

UNDP, Netherlands and New Zealand support poverty reduction efforts in Papua and West Papua Provinces
21 October 2010

Efforts to combat deforestation and climate change through REDD+ initiative starts in Sulawesi
13 October 2010

A decentralized cooperation partners engagement of AGI to support the local government
27 September 2010

Women learning to cook and sew, home industries soaring in Papua’s Timika
6 September 2010

Abua Bolakme community fish farming – boosting local economy through aquaculture
6 September 2010

Micro-hydro power plant in Warioi Village – Illuminating villages in Papua
6 September 2010

Three Strategic Projects to Fight Climate Change Launched
3 September 2010

Cambodia seeks to learn from Indonesia’s success in decentralization
27 August 2010

Provincial Strengthening: Building Synergy, Improving the Quality of Good Governance
2 August 2010

Government of Indonesia launches strategic projects to complete the post-tsunami reconstruction in Nias
30 July 2010

Children need to have knowledge and consciousness of disaster risk reduction effort since early age
29 July 2010

Asia-wide Regional Workshop on Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict Prevention
27 July 2010

Socio-economic impact of HIV on households calls for urgent impact mitigation steps and HIV-sensitive social protection
20 July 2010

Qatar Charity, UNDP to support poverty reduction in NTB
29 June 2010

East Nusa Tenggara signed agreement to accelerate MDG achievement
24 June 2010

UNDP supports Government to tackle land degradation, desertification, and drought
17 June 2010

Zero waste biogas for alternative energy, clean environment, and better income
10 June 2010

2010 World Business and Development Awards Launched
19 May 2010

UNDP ART Gold Indonesia supports South-South Cooperation between Indonesia and Sri Lanka
4 May 2010

Leprosy Management Training in NTT: A Quick Impact Project of UNDP-ART GOLD Indonesia (AGI)
23 April 2010

iKNOW Politics Indonesia Launch “Knowledge for Women in Politics”
15 April 2010

BAPPENAS Minister: Human Development Index is needed to accelerate People’s welfare
31 March 2010

Minister of Forestry and the United Nations launch joint effort to combat deforestation and forest degradation.
30 March 2010

Asia-Pacific has one of the world’s worst gender gaps
8 March 2010

Women’s Participation in Politics and Government
8 March 2010

Disaster management plans launched for safer Indonesia
19 February 2010

55,000 spectators joined the Match Against Poverty in support of Haiti
26 January 2010

Pathways towards increasing women’s participation in politics and government
26 January 2010

Forty international football stars join UNDP in support of Haiti
21 January 2010

Five years later, the tsunami-affected teach the world how to build back better
25 December 2009

Dealing with the Past: UNDP Indonesia supports Multi-Stakeholder Consultations on the Draft National Law to Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Indonesia
22 December 2009

Statement by Helen Clark Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on the occasion of World AIDS Day
1 December 2009

Indonesia and UN sign programme to tackle deforestation and climate change
23 November 2009

Gearing up for Copenhagen, Indonesia convenes a high-level dialogue on climate change
23 November 2009

Norway first donor to support Indonesian aid management initiative
13 November 2009

Aceh’s provincial human development report is reviewed in preparation for its launch in 2010
9 November 2009

Communities and government come together to review indonesia's 2010 national human development report
9 November 2009

UNDP boosts recovery in earthquake hit Padang
4 November 2009

UNDP supports Indonesia in Strengthening Access to Justice through pioneering Strategy
16 October 2009

UNDP supports Government’s very early recovery efforts for Sumatra earthquakes
15 October 2009

Local Planning and Performance Evaluation Places People at the Centre in Progressing Towards the MDGs and Human Development in Indonesia
14 October 2009

Placing People at the Centre of Provincial Planning and Performance Evaluation helps progress towards Millennium Development Goals in Indonesia
13 October 2009

UNDP calls for policy reform to protect migrant workers
5 October 2009

The UN mobilizes relief effort to West Sumatera
2 October 2009

UNDP appointed as interim trustee for Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund
14 September 2009

Government, UNDP, GEF to improve forest and watershed management in Indonesia
25 August 2009

UNDP supports integrated information system for more effective poverty reduction efforts
21 August 2009

DHL and UNDP start pilot program for a more effective disaster relief
14 August 2009

South East Asia's first "Women's Court"ť on trafficking and HIV to be held in Bali
4 August 2009

UNDP empowers local poverty reduction efforts in three provinces
2 August 2009

Through DiBi, Yogyakarta has online tool to analyze disaster
31 July 2009

BNPB, UNDP and UNV promote Volunteerism for better Disaster Management
27 July 2009

Ten Years of the Implementation of Indonesia's Decentralization: Reformulating the Role of the Province
25 June 2009

Community in Tasikmalaya exploring business opportunities from the river
18 June 2009

Banda Aceh: From debris and rubble to environmental award
10 June 2009

UNDP and KPU gear up for July presidential race in Banjarmasin and Denpasar
3 June 2009

UNDP provides technical assistance to foster capacities of election commissions
27 May 2009

Awards Ceremony for the 2009 Journalism Awards on Access to Justice -- "Promoting the Human Rights of Poor People: Dignity and Empowerment"
22 May 2009

UNDP promotes safer communities -- National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in disaster-prone Indonesia established
28 April 2009

New report on 2004 tsunami recovery efforts reveals the need to involve local communities every step of the way
24 April 2009

Voter Education as You've Never Seen Before -- Get-out-the vote in Indonesia means reaching some unusual target groups
6 April 2009

Helen Clark unanimously confirmed as new head of UNDP
1 April 2009

Indonesia Plans Monitoring System on the Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Poor and Vulnerable
31 March 2009

UNDP helps support civic education for marginal groups
30 March 2009

Indonesia - one step forward to fight global warming with UN-REDD
11 March 2009

The Spanish Government contributes funds through UNDP in support to Indonesia's 2009 Elections and DPD RI
6 March 2009

The Government of Indonesia and UNDP launched TV PSAs to inform voters of 2009 general elections on the new voting system
20 February 2009

UNDP ART Gold Indonesia Launches Provincial Programme Office in Gorontalo
17 February 2009

Sri Lankan Governor Leads Delegation to Jakarta for Talks on South-South Collaboration - Meets Home Affairs Minister, Gorontalo Governor
19 December 2008

2008 End-of-Year Quotes by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on the United Nations and Selected International Issues
17 December 2008

The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Bappenas and UNDP promote poor peoples' human rights
10 December 2008

The UN Secretary-General's Message on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
3 December 2008

Statement by Kemal Derviş, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on the Occasion of World AIDS Day
1 December 2008

U.K. Supports Women's Electoral Participation in Indonesia Donates Ł1 Million to UNDP - Managed Multi-Donor Programme
26 November 2008

Government Focuses on Provinces Lagging in Poverty Reduction
26 November 2008

The UN Secretary-General's Message on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
25 November 2008

Combating impunity vital in effort to eliminate violence against women, says UN human rights chief
24 November 2008

Rising Southeast Asia Mobility Highlights Need for Better Coordinated HIV Efforts ASEAN-UN report assesses ASEAN countries' responses to HIV needs of mobile populations
13 November 2008

Vice President opens high-level UN conference on financial crisis solutions in Asia Pacific
11 November 2008

MDG 2008 Awards Announced to Honor Achievement by Private Sector and Local Government
29 October 2008

New Report Launched on Indonesia's Progress Toward Millennium Development Goals
29 October 2008

Message from UN's Secretary General on United Nations Day 2008
24 October 2008

REDD Letter Day for Forests UN and Norway Unite to Combat Climate Change from Deforestation
25 September 2008

Indonesian President, Top UN Official Address Packed Stadium on International Day of Peace
23 September 2008

International Day of Peace in Indonesia: NGO coalition and UNDP promote peace journalism, community service and pluralism
21 September 2008

Youth and Peace: UNDP and Coordinating Ministry of Social Welfare engage youth organisations in a dialogue on conflict prevention
10 September 2008

Access to justice: BAPPENAS and UNDP develop strategy to empower the poor
27 August 2008

General Elections Commission and UNDP inspire and educate first-time voters
25 August 2008

UNDP supports Government in reducing Indonesia's regional disparities
25 August 2008

Aceh Government, UNDP launch book on sustainable development in Aceh Workshop Planned for October
20 August 2008

New Report Offers Strategies To Pursue Profit By Engaging Poor People in Business
11 August 2008

The Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change on the Poor: Indonesian Central Bank Hosts an International Conference in Bali
4 August 2008

Indonesia Has Online Tool to Help Analyze Disaster Risk
29 July 2008

AIDS Commission, UNDP Launch New Phase of Multi-Million-Dollar Fund to Fight HIV
24 July 2008

Indonesia and UNDP launch major programme in support of 2009 Elections
9 July 2008

UNDP supports launch of report announcing four billion people are excluded from the rule of law
3 July 2008

President of Indonesia launches UNDP anti-corruption report and calls for action
12 June 2008

UNDP and the Government of Indonesia Turn Up the Heat on Climate Change Adaptation
12 March 2008

UNDP and General Election Commission sign deal for 2009 Election
27 February 2008

High Court of Aceh, BAPPENAS and UNDP Strengthen Capacity of General Courts in Aceh
19 February 2008

Annual Review of UNDP's Country Programme in Indonesia
24 January 2008

Indonesia MDG Report 2007 Launched
12 December 2007

Fighting Poverty and Climate Change must go hand in hand, concludes an eminent panel
11 December 2007

UNDP Indonesia Co-Hosts COP 13 Parallel Event, Indonesia’s Progress on Climate Change Adaptation: The Way Forward
8 December 2007

International Volunteer Day Celebration promotes volunteerism for development and brings joy to a community in need in Jakarta
5 December 2007

2007/2008 Human Development Report tackles climate change
27 November 2007

Climate Change Will Sabotage Indonesia’s Fight Against Poverty
UNDP Report Focuses on the Forgotten Story of Climate Change

27 November 2007

CIVED Delivers: Youth are serious about running Indonesia, their own way
1 November 2007

The UN, Google and Cisco Unveil Online Resource in the Fight to Decrease Global Poverty
1 November 2007

The UNDP CAPPLER Project Delivers: Communication and Information Center Launched by the Minister of Law and Human Rights
30 October 2007

Strong Asian Economies Mask Worrisome Impact of Rising Oil Prices on the Poor
UNDP report ranks countries according to a new Oil Price Vulnerability Index

25 October 2007

Against Poverty and Support the MDGs in Indonesia

19 October 2007

Launch of the "Safer Communities through Disaster Risk Reduction (SC-DRR) in Development" Programme
11 September 2007

Living with Danger:
Indonesia Moves to Reduce Disaster Risks

10 September 2007

UNDP provides new offices and vital equipment to South Nias Government
7 September 2007

UNDP and World Bank Launch USD 7.9 million Initiatives to Improve Access to Justice in Aceh
30 August 2007

Access to Justice for Poor People
Major Initiative Launched by BAPPENAS and UNDP

19 July 2007

Launch of Mentari Cellular Vouchers “Edisi Khusus Anak Indonesia” Promote the MDGs
16 July 2007

UNDP teams with Austcare and GTZ to create long-term livelihoods in waste management
11 July 2007

Mexican donors see their funds rebuild homes and lives in post-tsunami Aceh
27 June 2007

Reporters Gain Insights in Covering Corruption
6 June 2007

Statement by Kemal Dervis, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme On the Occasion of World Environment Day
5 June 2007

One Year On: UNDP Reflections and Findings of the Yogyakarta and Central Java Earthquake Response
27 May 2007

Indonesian Parliament Passes New Law on Disaster Management
30 April 2007

Launching of Handbook for Infomobilization Facilitator
25 April 2007

World Water Day: “Coping with Water Scarcity"
22 March 2007

International Women's Day: "Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls"
8 March 2007

A Joint Presentation on the Decentralization Flagship Programme
22 February 2007

Joint Annual CPAP Review in the Context of UNDAF
6 February 2007

Launch of the National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction
24 January 2007

Sporty Donation in Aceh
22 January 2007

From Recovery to Empowerment – the CRP Final Report 1998-2006
12 December 2006

Notice of Grant Award for Yogya Shelter Activities
12 December 2006

AB-Three trio were officially appointed as "National Unity Envoys" during the launch of CIVED project
13 November 2006

Launch of the Global Human Development Report 2006
9 November 2006

Pe-PP Won APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) Awards for ICT Best Practices for Bridging the Digital Divide Category in Taipei
30 June 2006

UNDP Reviews Country Programme Action Plan
28 June 2006

MoU Signing: Strengthening Access to Justice in Indonesia
23 June 2006

UNDP Helps Aceh Prepare for Free and Fair Elections
15 June 2006

UN and Government Work Together in Quake Relief Operation
9 June 2006

Welcoming the Opening of the FIFA World Cup, message by Kofi A. Annan and Joseph Blatter
6 June 2006

United Nations Launches Earthquake Response Plan for Indonesia
2 June 2006

Signing of the Country Programme Action Plan between UNDP and BAPPENAS
11 May 2006

Launching and Signing of the "Enhancing Communications, Advocacy and Public Participation Capacity for Legal Reforms (CAPPLER)" project
16 March 2006

Deepening Democracy Programme: Launching, MoU Signing and Public Discussion
2 March 2006

School for Broadcast Media to officially open at Komunitas Utan Kayu
15 February 2006

All-women local bank opens in tsunami hit Meuraxa, Banda Aceh
2 February 2006

Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2006-2010 in Jakarta
1 February 2006

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Assisting Communities Together Project
30 January 2006

CALL FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS - Case Studies on Settlement Transformations in Post-Tsunami Aceh & Nias.
28 December 2005

Disaster Alert! National exhibition to commemorate 1-year tsunami
26 December 2005

Aceh Emergency Response and Transitional Recovery Programme, Tsunami One Year Commemoration Report
26 December 2005

Building boom in Aceh to reach $2 billion a year
22 December 2005

UN-Habitat Hands Over Permanent Houses to Tsunami - Survivors in Peurade
21 December 2005

Controlled Demo to take down tallest tower in Banda Aceh – Debris to be used for rebuilding
20 December 2005

Statement by Kemal Dervis, on International Human Rights Day
10 December 2005

Message from Kemal Dervis, on International Volunteer Day
5 December 2005

Statement by Kemal Dervis, on World AIDS Day
1 December 2005

The Secretary-General Message on United Nations Day
24 October 2005

Welcome Remarks By Ms. Gwi-Yeop Son, UNDP Country Director On the Occasion of Launching of Peace and Development Analysis Resource Pack
18 October 2005

Message by Kemal Dervis, UNDP Administrator, On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
17 October 2005

Statement by UN Secretary-General, Kofi A. Annan, Message on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
17 October 2005

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
12 October 2005